Payment operations

Payment operations include payments on all relationships between natural persons and legal entities.

Payments and collections of payments are made by the prescribed payment instruments:

  • Payment order
  • Money order
  • Transfer order
  • Collection order

Payment order implies the execution of a cash payment into an account in dinar counter value, as well as payment of all bills by natural persons (all residents), e.g. combined utilities, court fees, electricity, telephone, daily takings deposit and other.

Money order implies withdrawing cash from your account or being asked to pay in cash at the expense of your account.

When withdrawing cash, it is necessary to provide a valid personal document of the cardholder (identification card or passport).

Note: The card issuing bank charges a certain fee for each transaction carried out at the POS terminal. The amount of the fee is defined in the valid charge rates of the issuing bank.

Legal transactions

Domestic payment transactions (within the Republic of Serbia) make all cash and non-cash dinar payments through the account and between the participants in the payment operations.

Payment operations imply:

  • Opening and keeping accounts with carriers of payment operations;
  • Transferring funds from one account to another;
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable;
  • Collection of payments;
  • Payment;
  • Payout;
  • Monitoring and determining the liquidity of the participants and the carriers of payment operations;
  • Information on the basis of payment operations made;
  • Other legal transactions.

pos terminali POS TERMINALS

For easier, faster and simpler business, payment institution ALTA PAY GROUP DOO provided its clients installation of POS terminals in order to allow e-services with payment cards.

POS terminals are suitable for Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and DinaCard.

By using POS terminal, clients are not limited to amount of the cash in their wallets.

Note: The card issuing bank charges a certain fee for each transaction carried out at the POS terminal. The amount of the fee is defined in the valid charge rates of the issuing bank.


ALTA CASH TRANSFER service for quick money transfer within the branch network of the ALTA PAY GROUP DOO payment system.
The service is based on the principles of efficiency and simplicity, quick and reliable money transfer, which is available on over 1000 locations for all users on the territory of Serbia.

Process of Sending ALTA CASH transfer

Money transfer sending is done with a valid ID from which the attendant sends data into the ALTA CASH system - after the data is completed, the client provides data from the person receiving the money:

  • Reciever's full name
  • Mobile phone number

The system automatically sends SMS message to the client who will receive money transfer.

After the sending, the cashier will provide you with a certified copy of the form with a transfer code that is only known to you - sender of funds. It is necessary for the sender to forward the transfer code to the recipient of funds so that he can withdraw money transfer at one of the locations of the ALTA PAY GROUP DOO payment institution.

ALTA CASH transfer fee is 2% of the amount sent (min amount 100,00 RSD - max amount 2.000,00 RSD) - transfer fee always paid by the sender.

The recipient should know the Transfer Code and Full name of sender.

Shortly, the client who is receiving money transfer can withdraw it at one of the locations of ALTA PAY GROUP DOO payment institution. Money is paid exclusively at the cash desk of Payment institution.

Process of withdrawal ALTA CASH transfer

Money withdrawal is done with the valid ID and the transfer code that the client receives from the sender of funds.
Cashier will pay you full amount, the transfer fee is always paid by the sender.

Loan for vehicle registration payment insurance New!

Payment institution Alta Pay Group Ltd. is the first payment institution licensed to offer services of performing financial transactions where the cash assets are insured by a loan, apart from other payment services, based on the Decision of the National Bank of Serbia 82 of November 10th, 2016 and the Decision on amendments 71 of May 10th, 2018.

The loan is approved in compliance with the payment service of performing financial transactions of paying services pertinent to vehicle registration on behalf of the service user of vehicle technical inspection, that is also the user of the loan and of the payment service.

Loan benefits:

  • Simple, quick, without excessive documentation
  • Without account opening and earning transfer
  • Without participation or deposit
  • Fixed monthly installments throughout the repayment period

Loan conditions:

  • Loan currency and amount: Serbian dinar up to 100,000 RSD
  • Repayment period: up to 12 months
  • Nominal interest rate per year: 25.00% fixed
  • Effective interest rate of 28.02%
  • Without loan application processing fee
  • Loan security: a blank bill of exchange of the loan user
  • Loan repayment: Done monthly in RSD
  • Early repayment charges: None

Representative example 

Representative example – On 05/09/2022
Loan amount35,000.00 RSD
Repayment period12 months
Monthly installment3,326.55 RSD
Nominal interest rate (per year)25.00%
Effective interest rate*28.02%
Loan application processing feeNo fees applied
Credit bureau report fee (for the user)No fees applied
Bill of exchange costNo fees applied
Interest expenses4,918.57 RSD
Costs of one-time payment transactions**No fees aplied
Total39,918.57 RSD

In order to save you time, you can download the necessary documentation here, print it out and take it to the Alta Pay payment point. Download documents: document 1 and document 2.

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