Registration credit

Payment institution Alta Pay Group doo is the first payment institution which, based on the Decision of the NBS 82 / 10.11.2016. and Decision on Amendment 71 / 10.05. 2018 received a license to provide payment transaction services in which funds are secured by a loan, in addition to payment services.

The loan is granted to the user in connection with the payment service for the execution of payment transactions for services related to vehicle registration in the name and on behalf of the user of the technical inspection service, who is both the loan user and the payment service user.

Credit benefits:

  • Simple, fast, without unnecessary documentation
  • No account opening and earnings transfer
  • No participation and deposits
  • Fixed monthly installment during the entire credit payment period
  • Applying only with an ID card
Credit terms:

  • Currency and credit amount: Dinar credit up to RSD 100,000.00
  • Repayment period: up to 12 months
  • Nominal interest rate (annual): 25% fixed
  • EIR of 31.32%
  • Credit application processing fee (fixed): RSD 1,000.00
  • Credit security: blank bill of exchange
  • Credit repayment: monthly in dinars
  • Early credit repayment fee: No fee
*depending on the credit abillity of the borrower and the amount of registration costs

Published: 01.09.2020

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