Transfer of safeness

After 10 years of experience in financial field, today Alta Pay Group is certified payment institution for domestic payments with the network of more than 1400 locations across the country.

Safe and easy way to raise, pay or transfer money from account to account, pay bills, send money abroad or in the country, and to pay turnovers of your company. And that’s not all, call us to check what is the best exchange rate and to arrange any transaction you want in every branch office. Safety, efficiency, top quality collaboration with renowned banks, high quality service, flexibility and low exchange operation fees are the trust guarantees that will never lose value.


Our mission is to work with you on achieving your financial goals, by providing you responsible and quality people who are dedicated to help us grow our company, as well as our clients.


We want to be a modern company that invests in innovations and technological progress. We want to be recognized for our responsible business practices and services we provide.


We want to become the leader on financial market in Serbia, to develop new services and become preferred business partner.