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When it comes to finances, AltaPay is the answer.

We’ve all been there: bank’s business hours are the same as yours, and the nearest branch office is too far away. Additionally, paying the bills in bank requires you to pay commission fee, that is sometimes more than the bill itself.

Certified, renowned and safe payment institution Alta Pay is here to make your life easier.

Because of simplified procedures, our service fees are lower and our transactions faster. Thanks to the wide network of branch offices, we are available “on the way” during your everyday activities.


Quality never goes out of time, see for yourself in our speed and accuracy.


Based on decision of National Bank of Serbia, dated November 10th, 2016, payment institution Alta offers you the following services:
  • Opening, keeping and closing of your account
  • Cash payments (bills, cabs, tax, to another person’s account, legal entities turnover payments...)
  • Cash payout (account, card…)
  • Transfer of funds (within the Alta network in the country)
  • Cash remittances from abroad and abroad
menjacki poslovi

Exchange Operations

Purchase, sale and conversion of effective foreign currency, fast service and best deals. With high security, flexible client access, professional attitude, discretion and kindness – we’re making sure you always have a good rate.
e dopune

Electronic reloading

Reloading and sale of SIM prepaid cards for Telenor, VIP and MTS networks – no commission fee. Stay connected thanks to our wide network of branch offices.
Bus Plus

Bus Plus

Don’t worry about public transportation fees. In our exchange offices you can buy or reload your BusPlus card quickly, before your bus arrives.
drzavna lutrija

State lottery

Our success is not accidental, but you can always play games of chance. Try Lotto, Bingo or scratch tickets in every branch office and we’ll celebrate your every win.

About Us

Safe Transfer

After 10 years of experience in financial field, today Alta is certified payment for domestic payments with network that includes more than 1400 locations across the country.

Alta is licensed Payment institution by National Bank of Serbia.

Safe and easy way to raise, pay or transfer money from account to account, pay bills, send money abroad or in the country, and to pay turnovers of your company. And that’s not all: call us to check what is the best exchange rate and to arrange any transaction you want in every branch office. Safety, efficiency, support of National Bank of Serbia, top quality collaboration with renowned banks, high quality service, flexibility and low exchange operation fees are the trust guarantees that will never lose value.


Our mission is to work with you to help you achieve your financial goals, by providing you responsible and quality people who are dedicated to help grow our company, as well as yours.


We want to be a modern company that invest in innovations and technological progress. We want to be recognized for our responsible business practices and services we provide.


We want to become the leader on financial market in Serbia, to develop new services and become preferred business partner.

Payment Instruments

What are payment instruments?
Payment includes every money exchange between legal entities and individuals. Instruments of that exchange are:


This is the most common instrument and it is used for cash payments of different bills in banks, post offices or payment institutions.


This instrument allows you to raise money from your account or to order money transfer to people who don’t have an account with your bank or payment institution.


This instrument allows money transfer from one person’s account to another person’s account without raising cash first, whether they belong to the same bank or payment institution.


This cashless instrument is used when the creditor wants to collect from the debtor's account:
  • After receiving power from debtor (substitute for acceptance order)
  • For billing matured securities and other security instruments (promissory note)
  • For charging commission fees and the like
  • For billing from open letter of credit


Representation for earnings

As payment institution licensed by National Bank of Serbia, we are offering you a chance for additional profit and to expand your number of services – with no additional investment! Join our network with over 1400 representatives and improve your business by offering your clients money transfers, easy payment and safe and quick money transactions. They will value that.

From us, you receive versatile support. When registering with National Bank of Serbia, we help you prepare the necessary documentation and we bear the costs of your registration as a representative, as well as the cost of RAT. For additional safety, there is our legal team that can advise you on the necessary documentation and legal regulations. More so, you can count on the Alta business team for development of the offer on the market, but also on the help of experts who are conducting continuous training of your employees.

Become our representative and increase your profit!

For all information and questions, contact us: +381 11 31 31 600.

With you we’re keeping the good rate
During all these years our objective has remained the same: to provide more, so your business can grow easier, faster and safer. In exchange we gained satisfied clients, partners, associates and friends. Our vision for the future is to become a leader in number of exchange offices that will answer to demand for our services. We will always set higher standards, so we can be your reliable partner in business and everyday life.
Until then, call us to check what is the best exchange rate and to arrange any transaction you want in every branch office or any other place, depending on your needs. For now, we have successfully met your demands and we will keep trying to do the same in the years that follow.
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Exchange rate


* NBS middle exchange rate is used for calculations


Ugrinovačka 212
11080 Belgrade, Zemun

Business hours: 8AM-9:30PM, on Sundays 8AM-9PM

Maksima Gorkog BB
11000 Belgrade

Business hours: 8AM-8PM, on Sundays 8AM-3PM

Gandijeva 76
11070 New Belgrade

Business hours: 8AM-9PM, on Sundays 8AM-2PM

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 6/B
11070 New Belgrade

Business hours: 8AM-8PM, closed on Sundays

Ljubinke Bobić 26/b
11070 New Belgrade

Business hours: 8AM-9PM, on Sundays 8AM-9PM

Prvomajska 10/a
11080 Belgrade, Zemun

Business hours: 8AM-9PM, on Sundays 8AM-4PM

Krajiška 59
11080 Belgrade, Zemun

Business hours: 8AM-9PM, closed on Sundays

Bratstva i jedinstva 30/D
11211 Belgrade, Borča

Business hours: 8AM-8PM, on Sundays 8AM-3PM

SHOPP 1 (SHOPPI Tržni centar)
11211 Belgrade, Borča

Business hours: 10AM-10PM, on Sundays 10AM-10PM

SHOPP 2 (SHOPPI Tržni centar)
11211 Belgrade, Borča

Business hours: 10AM-10PM, on Sundays 10AM-10PM

Kneza Mihaila 54 (Rajićeva shopping centar)
Local B.18 ground floor, 11000 Belgrade, Stari Grad

Business hours: 9AM-10PM, all week

Kneza Mihaila 54 (Rajićeva shopping centar)
Local n.2/16, II floor, 11000 Belgrade, Stari Grad

Business hours: 9AM-10PM, all week

Exchange operations

Phone number: + 381 11 31 64 564
Email: office@menjacnicaalta.rs


Call Center: +381 11 31 31 600
Email: altapay@menjacnicaalta.rs

Join ALTA team

Join our fast growing company and help us establish the biggest payment institution network in Serbia.

Please send us your CV to hr@altapay.rs

Contact us


Ugrinovačka 212
Belgrade, 11080


Email: office@alta.com
Phone number: +381 11 31 31 600

Company Information

Identification number: 21035254
TAX ID: 108618034
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